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I have been reading two links in the Misawa area, one is Misawajapan.com and the other is Out the Gate by the AFN.

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Practicing for Job Interviews

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Key Name Phone # Extension or 226 DSN
10135th Force Support Squadron (Command Section)3008
102Airman & Family Readiness Center4735
103Arts & Crafts Annex4371
104Arts & Crafts Center / Wood Shop4452
105Auto Hobby Center4654
106Base Beach1-281-657-1565
107Bumpers Grill1-281-657-1553
108Cafe Aomori (Misawa Club)1-281-657-1556
109Cafe Mokuteki1-281-657-1555
110Cafe Mokuteki Office9123
111Career Assistance Advisor7829
112Catering (Misawa Club)1-281-657-1560
113Cheli School Age Program2266
114Civilian Personnel Section4621
115Community Center4128
116Disc Golf Course(Outdoor Recreation Center)9378
117Education & Training Office4201
118Falcon Feeder Dining Facility1635
119Family Child Care2273
120First Term Airman Center (Professional Development Center)7829
121Fit Pit Creations1-281-657-1561
122Flight Kitchen Dining Facility4463
123Frame Shop4371
124Freedom Fitness Center9987
125Gosser Golf Course1563 / 080-1857-0087
126Graphics Shop4279
127Grissom Dining Facility4463
128Himberg Pool(Outdoor Recreation Center)9378
129Human Resources Office3108
130Lakeview Grille1-281-657-1564
131Land Memorial Ski Lodge (Outdoor Recreation Center)9378
132Leftwich Park (Outdoor Recreation Center)9378
133Lunney Youth Center3220
134Magnums Steak & Seafood (Misawa Club)1-281-657-1556
135Marketing & Publicity9272
136Military Personnel Section (MPS)4002
137MPS DEERS3995
138Misawa Club1-281-657-1556
139Misawa Inn282
140Misawa ITT3555
141Misawa Pet Kennel2228
142Misawa Teen Center2792
143Outdoor Recreation Center9378
144Overstreet Memorial Library4083
145Paintball(Outdoor Recreation Center)9378
146Pass & Registration3995
147Pit Stop Garage9486
148Potter Fitness Center3982
149Private Organizations2777
150Running Track(Outdoor Recreation Center)9378
151Skeet & Trap Range(Outdoor Recreation Center)9378
152Walmsley Bowling Center1-281-657-1554
153Weasels' Den (Outdoor Recreation Center)
154Yoiko Child Development Center4666
155Youth Sports4564
156Navy Federal Credit Union