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Audiologiks offers events, information and platforms to find jobs and build a career in Japan and also internationally. We organize Meetups so people can meet and exchange information about methods, ideas and leads on career steps to finding jobs and building skills for careers.

Check out the navigation bar above and the links below for information and stop by our Meetups or look for similar meetups to find information that will help your job search.

Looking for People?

Check out these websites to look for freelancers, teachers and language partners in Japan.

Looking for Gigs?

For jobs in different industries, click on the nav bar above on Japan or on different regions to look at working overseas. A sample of job sites with information on teaching jobs, either in a school, over the phone/skype or part-time.

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Language Services


Transcribing recordings of English into a written document.


Translating recordings of Japanese or another language into English.


Narrating English or another language with a written presentation.


Correcting English documentation or written materials.


Editing English documentation or written materials.


Designing tests for listening, speaking, reading and picture/scene description.

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Accountancy Firms

Advertising, Media and PR

Agriculture, Fishing & Forestry


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Other Ways of Working in Japan


Start Your Own Business

Job-related Events


Job Fairs

Industry Associations Example

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